Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy was an American actress and singer. She was born on November 10, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brittany was brought up by her mother only as her parents got divorced when she was two. She spent her childhood in Edison, New Jersey, and attended Verne Fowler School of Dance and Theatre Arts. At 9, she started to play at the local theater and at 13, she began to participate in commercials. In 1991, the actress moved to Los Angeles to proceed with her career.

Her first role was in TV series “Drexell’s Class” (1991-1992). Murphy received her breakthrough role in “Clueless” in 1995. In 1997, she made her Broadway debut in the role of Catherine in “A View from the Bridge”. The most well-known movies with her participation are “Girl, Interrupted” (1999), “Don’t Say a Word” (2001), “8 Mile” (2002), “Just Married” (2003), “Uptown Girls” (2003) and “Sin City” (2005).

Brittany Murphy was also a singer. She was in band “Blessed Soul”, which songs became soundtracks to “Girl, Interrupted” and “Riding in Cars with Boys”.

The actress dated actor Ashton Kutcher and was engaged to production assistant Joe Macaluso. In 2007, Brittany got married to screenwriter Simon Monjack.

Murphy died in 2009, aged 32, from the cardiac arrest. Later, it was stated that the causes of her death were pneumonia, iron-deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication. After her death, Murphy’s mother and Simon Monjack organized charitable fund “Brittany Murphy Foundation”, which gathers money for children’s arts education, cancer research and the USO. In 2014, Lifetime channel shot TV movie “The Brittany Murphy Story”.