10 Black Movies to Stream on Netflix in August

The sheer number of films streaming on Netflix on any given day can make finding and deciding which films to watch an arduous journey through an overabundance of content, navigating with an interface that’s not exactly the most conducive to discovery.To assist on this cinematic journey, IndieWire runs a monthly series that highlights movies and television shows worth streaming on every major platform in the U.S., including Netflix.

But, as an extension of that popular ongoing series, we’ve also curated lists of films that specifically tell Black stories and are streaming on those same major streaming platforms.Among August’s offerings on Netflix: several feature directorial debuts, including Stefon Bristol’s time-travel adventure, “See You Yesterday” (produced by Spike Lee), and Gerard McMurray’s fraternity hazing drama “Burning Sands,” as well as actors David Oyelowo (“The Water Man”) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (“The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

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