10 Deadpool Comic Storylines We’d Love To See In Deadpool 3

The debate’s as old as time: will the MCU ever make a film that truly feels different? Many mostly regress towards the mean, at least stylistically.

But as Phase 4 has expanded into the realms of animation or Chloe Zhao’s intimate aesthetics, the question of what a Marvel movie can look or feel like has been renewed. How fitting, then, that “Deadpool 3″ has entered the chat.

The forthcoming Ryan Reynolds picture written by the Molyneux sisters of “Bob’s Burgers” fame is in a unique position.

On the one hand, Deadpool’s meta and fourth wall-shattering movies are already accepted by the mainstream; on the other,…The post 10 Deadpool comic storylines we’d love to see in Deadpool 3 appeared first on /Film.

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