10 Things You Didn’t Know About Moon Knight

Can a tweet break the discourse? London’s own Sunday Times tried its darnedest in early August, 2021. It postulated that the role of Tony Stark — a.k.a.

Iron Man — could have been played by any actor in Jon Faverau’s “Iron Man” and the picture would have still succeeded.

Never mind that box-office mainstay Tom Cruise was attached to Iron Man before Robert Downey Jr., the question has now been raised: Could any actor have donned Shellhead’s costume and made Marvel matter again?The answer is complicated and, yes, relates to the forthcoming “Moon Knight” series on Disney+.

The reality is that, in a post-“Avengers” Hollywood, actors are synonymous with their…The post 10 things you didn’t know about Moon Knight appeared first on /Film.

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