14 Predictions for Box Office 2021, Including Fewer Theaters, Smaller Grosses, and More VOD

It would be foolish to expect the new year to bring return to box-office normalcy; much more likely that circumstances will continue evolving toward a new normal.

Before we examine what that might include, let’s get the essential stats out of the way: Total 2020 domestic theatrical grosses ended up a bit over $2 billion.

That’s under 250 million tickets sold, less than one ticket bought per U.S./Canada resident, for the lowest per-capita attendance in over a century.The top-grossing domestic film was “Bad Boys for Life,” a January release that became the only title to reach $200 million.

The only other film to pass $100 million was “Sonic the Hedgehog” which, released in February, approached $150 million.

Onward” and “The Invisible Man” were doing well in mid-March when theaters closed almost overnight.Once (some) theaters reopened, the best gross was “Tenet,” just shy of $58 million.

Wonder Woman 1984,” which faced fewer

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