17 Controversial Book-to-Film Adaptations That Rankled Their Audiences and Authors

We’ve all heard someone say it before: the book was better.

For the most part, it’s true.

The best literary adaptations reimagine their source material to create a new cinematic experience; at worst, they’re so doggedly faithful to the text that the end result turns out to be a slog.

Neither is especially the case for Joe Wright’s new Netflix thriller, “The Woman in the Window,” a film that has loop-de-looped through so many ups and downs, from uneasy test screenings and rewrites and re-shoots to a big-money handoff from now-defunct Fox 2000 to the cushy streamer, it never stood a chance of coming out the other end as anything less than mangled.The movie stars Amy Adams as an agoraphobic, wine-slurping child therapist who, too paralyzed by emotional trauma to step outside her Harlem brownstone, spies what might be a murder across the street involving the new couple in the neighborhood,

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