‘1917’ Leads Covid-Devastated U.K. and Ireland 2020 Box Office, Down 76% From 2019

The early 2020 box office success of Sam Mendes’ “1917” was one of the few bright sparks in a U.K.

and Ireland box office shattered by the impact of coronavirus, according to Comscore’s annual report.The report notes that after five consecutive years when the cinema box office for the territory exceeded £1.3 billion ($1.76 billion), widespread lockdowns in 2020 resulted in a 76% drop in revenues.

The total box office was £322.9 million ($438.9 million), down from 2019’s £1.35 billion ($1.83 billion).The year began promisingly enough with revenues up 20% year-on-year, and “1917” booming to £44 million ($59.7 million).

Come March, the number of cinemas open remained below normal levels for the rest of the year.

A full national closure was in effect throughout the second quarter (April-June), followed by regional closures through the fourth quarter (October-December).

Even when all regions were permitted to open in the third quarter (July-September), some cinemas opted to remain closed due to

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