40 Years Of Shock Treatment, The Underrated Rocky Horror Sequel

If you’re a living human being then chances are you’re familiar with “Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show-1975-movie-posters/”>The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” It’s the embodiment of the cult musical, the midnight movie favorite that has become a rite of passage for generations of fans of kitschy sci-fi and queer kids the world over. Initially a flop upon release, the 1975 movie adaptation of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” soon found its fans and evolved into a near-legendary cinematic experience.

The audience catcalls and throwing of toilet paper are almost as iconic as the film itself.

Even after Disney acquired the movie through its acquisition of 20th Century Fox and began withdrawing…The post 40 Years of Shock Treatment, the Underrated Rocky Horror Sequel appeared first on /Film.

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