‘6 Balloons’ Review: Dave Franco and Abbi Jacobson Get Serious in a Netflix Heroin Drama that Never Pops

There’s something vaguely sinister about those talking Gps navigators that now seem to come standard with every new car.

Maybe it’s the robotic voice, which could never speak to the frustration of running late or sitting in traffic.

More likely, it’s the illusion of control — the false sense that everything is going to be fine so long as you follow instructions and keep your eyes on the road.Marja-Lewis Ryan’s “6 Balloons” hinges on such modern details of disquiet, with most of this perceptive (if not especially powerful) drama set inside a chatty sedan as a woman named Katie (“Broad City” star Abbi Jacobson) drives her heroin-addict brother (Dave Franco) around Santa Clarita in a desperate search for the help he needs.

The Gps is so talkative that it occasionally feels like the car might have more lines than any of the actual characters.

It says

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