‘6 Underground’ Review: Michael Bay’s Costly Action Outing Could Be Netflix’s Next Mega-Franchise

Michael Bay knows his way around a multimillion-dollar budget.

This is, after all, the man who gifted the world a $150 million movie about aliens that turn into cars, and that was just the start — but the “Transformers” and “Bad Boys” director’s latest comes with a different kind of price tag.

For his first Netflix-financed feature, Bay is again in $150 million territory, enough to earmark his “6 Underground” as the streaming giant’s second-most expensive original ever.

The first is still “Bright,” a critical laughingstock that overcame biting reviews to become a massive hit for its ambitious owner.Those are big shoes to fill, but Bay and his wildly charismatic cast are more than up to the task inIf you like Bayhem, you’re going to love “6 Underground,” which opens with a nearly 15-minute-long car chase that pokes fun at spy flicks, the Spice Girls, and even

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