7 New Netflix Shows in August 2020, and the Best Reasons to Watch


“Hoops” (available August 21)Why Should I Watch? Between “Big Mouth,” “F Is For Family,” and “The Midnight Gospel,” Netflix has a strong slate of adult animated comedies, and that’s without counting the service’s now ended but endlessly re-watchable episodes of “BoJack.” “Hoops,” starring and executive produced by Jake Johnson, looks to join those lofty ranks.

Created by Ben Hoffman, “Hoops” follows Coach Ben Hopkins, a “pathetic, angry, foul-mouthed” high school basketball coach who’s convinced he can make it to the big leagues if he can whip his wayward squad into shape.

His father, Barry (voiced by Rob Riggle), is a former professional basketball star, and he wants to help his son succeed… even though he knows he’s a long way from being the man he should be.

Hard-r hijinks ensue, with Chris Miller and Phil Lord also on board as executive producers.Bonus Reason: If you

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