7 New Netflix Shows in September 2019, and the Best Reasons to Watch


The Politician” (available September 27)Why Should I Watch? It’s Ryan Murphy’s first original series for Netflix.

That’s the narrative TV enthusiasts and industry titans will be watching, more so than any high school election shenanigans, when “The Politician” debuts this month.

After signing a whopping $300 million overall deal in February 2018, Murphy is rolling out his first big-ticket Netflix series, and his deal (along with more than few others) is meant to help maintain subscribers as the O.G.

streaming giant faces new competition from the likes of Disney+ and Apple TV+.

The size of its audience is even more important than whether or not it’s any good, but awards prospects are top of mind for this star-studded venture.

During his time at FX, Murphy served as an enticing dual threat: prestige and popularity.

Now, he’s got to carry that over to Netflix.Bonus Reason: Well, the cast is pretty stacked.

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