7 New Netflix Shows to Binge in January, and the Best Reasons to Watch


“Black Earth Rising” (available January 25)Why Should I Watch? Hugo Blick, the creator behind “The Honourable Woman,” brings Netflix a co-production with BBC Two about a London-based legal investigator whose past comes back to haunt her.

Kate Ashby (Michaela Coel) was born in Rwanda and orphaned by genocide, and now her adoptive mother is taking on a case prosecuting an African militia leader.

Though Kate is now working for an American barrister (John Goodman), she wants answers for what happened to her birth family, and the new case might offer fresh insights.

“Black Earth Rising” is a female-led conspiracy thriller which has already earned strong marks from British critics across the pond, so there’s reason to believe this Netflix original can build a strong following Stateside as well.Bonus Reason: The last time John Goodman did a drama, we got “Atomic Blonde.” The time before that, it was “Patriots Day.

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