7 New Netflix Shows to Binge in March, and the Best Reasons to Watch


“Turn Up Charlie” (available March 15)Why Should I Watch? Idris Elba made a TV show combining his two passions: acting and DJ’ing.

Imagining John Luther strapping on a headset and bobbing his head to club bangers should be enough reason to watch, but if you need more, know Elba’s eponymous Charlie is not only a struggling disc jockey; he’s also the onscreen successor to Vin Diesel’s “Pacifier” and Kevin on “This Is Us” — a manny.

When Charlie sees one last shot at stardom, he takes a gig watching his famous best friend’s daughter (played by Frankie Hervey), thus completing the sex symbol triumvirate: a DJ, a ladies’ man (it’s in the Netflix plot summary), and a responsible father figure.Bonus Reason: To clarify, yes, Elba is a creator, producer, and star of “Turn Up Charlie,” but the eight-part first season also features a particularly under-utilized thespian: Piper Perabo.

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