‘7500’ Trailer Pits Joseph Gordon-Levitt Against Airplane Hijackers

It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt versus airline hijackers in “7500,” a grueling thriller that will land on Amazon Prime Video June 19.

The streaming service has released the trailer for the upcoming film, which takes place in the claustrophobic confines of a small budget aircraft.There has been no shortage of films about airplane hijackings over the years, from the acclaimed 9/11-based “United 93” to a B-movie about snakes that were on Samuel L.

Jackson’s plane, but “7500” aims to offer something different by positioning Hollywood star Gordon-Levitt as an everyman who must find a way for him and his passengers to escape their extraordinary situation.

As the trailer helpfully explains, 7500 is the emergency code for an airplane hijacking, but there’s no code for what comes next as Gordon-Levitt grapples with his horrifying predicament.Per Amazon, here’s the film’s synopsis:It looks like a routine day at work for Tobias,

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