8 Films To Watch In January: ‘The Grudge,’ ‘Bad Boys,’ ‘Dolittle’ & More

The best thing about movie viewing in January is how much time there is to play catch up if you’ve missed much of the prior year.

Oscar nominations are right around the corner, and in the interim between now and any Sundance buzz that begins to brew, there’s not much in the way of theatrical releases that are going to catch an avid film fan’s eye.

That is, unless you’ve been really looking forward to remakes and sequels of properties such as “Dolittle,” “The Grudge” and “Bad Boys.”Read More: The 25 Best Films Of 2019Things are looking dire and considering January is no one’s favorite month of the year, the best bet is to play catch up, binge some therapeutic feel-good shows to get us out of the gray of winter or, better yet, finally dig through the films that have accumulated in your Criterion Channel watch list.

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