9 Things We Learned at the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Press Conference

Here are the key things we learned at a press conference for the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp.’ Watch our video here.1.

The movie is a sequel to ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ and deals with Scott Lang’s decision to take Hank Pym’s suit and fight with the Avengers.2.

The Wasp was originally set to debut in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ but Marvel boss Kevin Feige decided he wanted a separate film to introduce the character.3.

The relationship between parent and child is a central theme.

Star and writer Paul Rudd has a daughter the same age as Scott Lang’s daughter, Cassie.4.

Evangeline Lilly, who plays Hope Van Dyne (aka the Wasp), says funnyman Paul Rudd’s best lines didn’t make the final cut.5.

Director Peyton Reed wanted to make San Francisco a character.

He created scenes specific to the city’s streets and landmarks.6.

Bullitt‘ (1968) and ‘What’s Up, Doc?’ (1972) inspired Peyton Reed’s car-chase scenes through San Francisco.7.

Kevin Feige says to pay attention to things in the quantum realm, as they “may pay off” in future movies.8.

Laurence Fishburne is a big Marvel comic-book fan but didn’t know about his character, Dr.

Bill Foster, when he was offered the role.9.

Evangeline Lilly wants to keep the rumor about an all-female Marvel movie until it actually happens.

She admires Okoye from ‘Black Panther‘ and wants to collaborate with Danai Gurira.Don’t forget to add ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ to your IMDb Watchlist.

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