A Goofy Movie’s Success Defied All Of Disney’s Expectations

It’s one of the tragic moments of adulthood.

You sit down to watch a film you idolized in your childhood — and haven’t seen in just as long — only to discover a far less magical or even entertaining experience.

Luckily, that’s absolutely not the case with the 1995 Disney classic “A Goofy Movie,” which I recently treated myself to a rewatch of.

I am happy to report that the movie is still as heartwarming and hilarious as I remember it.

From the big laughs of the Bigfoot scene to the teary eyes I still get when Max and Goofy finally reconcile.But from the very beginning, Disney had less than stellar expectations for “A Goofy Movie” compared to bigger features like “The Lion King” or “Pocahontas.” In fact, it wasn’t even developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios (then called Walt Disney Feature Animation) but rather by a subdivision called Disneytoon Studios that

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