A Mind-Bending Amount Of Detail Went Into Stranger Things’ CGI Actors

Season 4 of “Stranger Things” provided some of the most incredible visual effects in the show’s history, with the introduction of Vecna and his realm in the Upside-Down.

The series has showcased plenty of explosions, action sequences, creepy creatures, and small glimpses of the demented realm, but the most recent season had our faves exploring uncharted territories for a majority of the runtime.

Up until now, the worlds of Hawkins, Indiana and the Upside-Down had been separated with small blips of passageways, but now the boundary has been completely severed, and we can only guess what fresh hell awaits the “Stranger Things” gang in the final season.The ambitious new designs of the Upside-Down, the monster inhabitants, and the horrific aftermath of the humans destroyed by Vecna provided some of the most shocking moments of season 4, but were executed so fantastically, “Stranger Things” rightfully snagged an Emmy nomination for Best Visual Effects.

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