‘A Quiet Place’ Makes Noise as the Biggest Box Office Opening Since ‘Black Panther’

What does “A Quiet Place’ have that “Pacific Rim: Uprising” and “Tomb Raider” don’t? Quite a few things, it turns out, including the best domestic box office opening since “Black Panther.”The critically acclaimed third feature from actor John Krasinski, who stars opposite wife Emily Blunt, nearly tripled its budget on opening weekend.

That will propel it into a major profit for struggling Paramount and provides an easy route to over $100 million in domestic.

Overseas, initial reports have its take at $21 million.Any way you look at it, this is a hit, but here’s the elements that stand out.— Its $17 million budget is minuscule by studio standards — especially compared to “Pacific Rim” ($150 million) and “Tomb Raider” ($94 million), both of which will struggle to reach a domestic gross over $60 million.

Foreign grosses should get “Tomb Raider” in the black, but the more expensive “Pacific Rim” remains in question.— It is a non-franchise,

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