A Way for Netflix to Add to Its Bottom Line: Include Theaters in the Mix (Guest Column)

Is it possible to disrupt yourself? That’s a question that’s been on my mind a lot as Netflix, hoping to court filmmakers and garner awards recognition for them, has stumbled, reluctantly, haltingly into exclusive theatrical distribution.Film festivals and the streaming company have traded barbs, Netflix has suggested that movie theaters are killing cinema, pundits have declared that the three-week window for “Roma” in theaters is a game-changer, reporters have asked whether Netflix is killing independent film.Alfonso Cuarón, backstage at the Golden Globes after receiving two awards for his justly acclaimed film, understandably found the controversy frustrating.“I just [think] the discussion between Netflix and platforms in general should be over,” he said.

“I think those guys, platforms and theatrical, should [get] together and just realize that whatever they are doing to this discussion is hurting cinema.“My question to you is, how many theaters did you think that

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