A Whole New ‘Whole New World’ Video Has Zayn and Zhavia Ward Yearning (Watch)

Take a look, if you will, at the brand new video Zayn and a female duet partner star in for the theme from “Five Hundred Fifty Shades Darker” … sorry, Disney’s live-action remake of “Aladdin.” The kind of woozy arrangement they’ve come up with for the classic “A Whole New World” sounds like it’d be at least as suitable for a blue movie as a romp about a blue guy.

Which is maybe why the two stars aren’t allowed to get together on screen: Would it get too E.


James-ian, if they did?Zayn pairs up here with Zhavia Ward, because in securing talent for the tune, they started at the end of the alphabet and didn’t work frontward.

Or maybe because someone realized that, as cute couples go, these two are destined to have the greatest monogrammed towels ever, if Zorro doesn’t make

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