A24 Launches Book Imprint to Showcase the ‘Singular Vision and Unbridled Artistry’ of Beloved Films

In addition to its reliable stable of great films, A24 has long enjoyed creating and trotting out unique bits of movie swag and paraphernalia to accompany the release of features like “Lady Bird,” “The Farewell,” and “Krisha” over the years.

From pins of Toni Collette’s screaming “Hereditary” face to fingerboards for “Mid90s,” the boutique distributor has long excelled at kitting their films out with fun accompaniments.This month, A24 is adding to their film-adjacent holdings yet again, joining the book publishing fray with the launch of their own book imprint.

The new collection will “celebrate the singular vision and unbridled artistry of… noted writer-directors, showcasing how they saw their films through from script to screen.” The distributor already has its own signature ‘zine that it centers around various new releases (a recent issue focused on “The Farewell” was dedicated to first generation Americans).Each of the new books

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