Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Felt Like Prisoners Filming Their Better Call Saul Cameos

Months before the final half-season of “Better Call Saul” aired, news broke that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston would be reprising their “Breaking Bad” roles as Jessie Pinkman and Walter White in the prequel/sequel series.

It was no big secret then and it’s no big secret now, but while shooting their “Better Call Saul” parts, Paul and Cranston were on lockdown in an Airbnb and they felt like prisoners.That’s the story Paul tells in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where the now-42-year-old actor talked about slipping on the baggy clothes of the twentysomething Pinkman one last time.

It makes sense that he and Cranston would be sequestered while shooting their “Better Call Saul” appearances, since they’re both such well-known TV faces, with statues having also been erected in honor of their (meth-dealing?) characters in the city of Albuquerque where both shows were set and filmed.

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