‘Abominable’ Review: An Adorable, If Familiar, Fairy Tale About a Girl and Her Magic Yeti

Abominable” may feel boilerplate: Plucky loner finds an unexpected friend, a wild journey ensues with the help of a motley crew, and it ends with a buffet of lessons about the power of friendship, family, and self-respect.

Also included: one incredibly cute magical yeti, all the better to incite both warm and squishy sentiments and encourage the inevitable purchase of a wide range of branded merchandise.However, director Jill Culton adds unique touches to the formula including frequently stunning animation and goofy diversions of all stripe, along with at least two worrying soundtrack choices (kids like Coldplay?).

Still, the winning, warm nature of this China-set family film can’t be denied, and for all its predictable elements, “Abominable” is still well worth the tripResourceful teen Yi (Chloe Bennett) is deep in the “denial and isolation” stage of her grief over her beloved father’s recent death.

Instead of turning

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