Academy Museum Honors Satyajit Ray Centenary With Two-Part Retrospective

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is honoring the centenary of cinema giant Satyajit Ray with a major two-part retrospective.May 2, 2021 was the birth centenary of Ray, the Indian master who won an honorary Oscar in 1992, shortly before his death, and remains the country’s best known filmmaker internationally.The first part of the retrospective, which is currently on and will continue till Dec.

29, focuses on the early part of Ray’s career from 1955 – 1969.

After a career as a graphic designer, Ray became a director in his early thirties with the ground breaking “Pather Panchali” (1955), which together with “Aparajito” and “Apur Sansar”, forms the phenomenal Apu Trilogy that follows the titular protagonist from childhood to adulthood.The retrospective includes the Academy Film Archive’s landmark restoration of the Apu Trilogy from camera negatives nearly lost in a fire.The December screenings at the Museum focus on Ray’s prolific and prodigious 1960s output,

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