‘Action Point’ Reps Box Office Casualty For Johnny Knoxville With $2M+ Opening: Here’s Why

In another death knell for raunchy comedies at the box office, Paramount’s Johnny Knoxville stunt comedy Action Point is hitting the skids in the worst way this weekend, opening to $2.2M.That’s the lowest wide release debut of the star’s career, and a major setback for the prankster whose four Jackass films have made the studio close to a half billion dollars worldwide off combined budgets just north of $50M over a 16-year period.

That weekend result is even lower than Paramount’s prestige misfires last year, mother! ($7.5M opening) and Suburbicon ($2.8M), even though those catered to different audiences.Action Point arrives without the Jackass label because it only stars Knoxville and Chris Pontius and not the whole gang, and that’s one of the reasons why the pic’s fans are staying away, even though Paramount earnestly billed the comedy as “From the Star of Jackass” in trailers.

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