Adam McKay Takes on Attorney General William Barr After He Refers to ‘Vice’ as ‘Horrible’

In Adam McKay’s satirical Dick Cheney biopic “Vice,” the character spends years plotting to render the executive power of the presidency limitless.

This concept — dubbed “the unitary executive theory” — paved the way for Cheney’s ability to expand presidential powers beyond congressional oversight after 9/11.While Cheney himself never responded to his characterization in the movie, the portrayal didn’t go unnoticed by his Republican peers.

On Friday, Attorney General William Barr took a bizarre stab at the movie during a lengthy speech to the conservative legal group the Federalist Society.

Barr defended his controversial stance that the president is impervious to laws that apply to other citizens, even as Congress engaged in impeachment hearings across town.

The attorney general used “Vice” to illustrate what he said was a mischaracterization of the stance.

And now, in a statement exclusive to IndieWire, McKay is responding to the claims.Barr said, “I

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