Adam Sandler Super-Fan Pens Essay After Watching 638 Hours of Sandler Films in One Year

Think you love Adam Sandler? Sure, but you definitely don’t love Adam Sandler more than Eloy Lugo.

The Sandler super-fan spent an entire year between September 9, 2017 (Sandler’s 51st birthday of course) and September 9, 2018 watching one Sandler movie a day.

Lugo’s viewing experiment resulted in 638 hours spent watching Sandler movies over 365 days, which equates to nearly two-hours of Sandler films each day.

To mark the release of Sandler’s new effort “Hubie Halloween,” Netflix asked Lugo to pen an essay about his love for the comedy icon.“I was nine years old when I saw my first Adam Sandler movie,” Lugo writes.

“Every Friday, my grandmother would take my siblings and me to the theater after school.

One late winter day in 1995, she brought us to see ‘Billy Madison.’ To my fourth-grade brain, it was perfect.

Billy was silly and weird, sweet and well-intentioned.

He would leave flaming

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