Adam Sandler Teases ‘Insane’ Safdie Brothers’ 340-Page Script for ‘Uncut Gems’ Follow-Up

The Safdie Brothers are already putting Adam Sandler to work on their next film.Sandler revealed that the first draft of the filmmakers’ follow-up to “Uncut Gems” was a whopping 340 pages, with the “Hustle” star teasing it was an “insane” script.“They’ve been writing this movie we’re supposed to do together for a couple years.

They just write hundreds and hundreds of pages,” Sandler told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’ll read them and I’ll say, ‘I like the part when this…’ And they’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s not in it anymore.

We did a whole other thing.

We’re going to send you a new draft.’ They just don’t stop writing and thinking and coming at every angle they can, and this movie we’re going to do is pretty amazing.”Sandler added, “The first draft of the new one was 340 pages! It was insane and it was great.

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