‘After Ever Happy’ Helmer Castille Landon Talks About Drama and Safe Sets

Multihphenate Castille Landon added writing and directing to her resume after she couldn’t find “roles that I loved and I was getting cast in a bunch of indie things that never got the financing altogether.

It’s hard enough trying to get cast in something, but then when it falls through, it’s heartbreaking,” she says.

She wrote and directed family drama “Apple of My Eye,” starring Amy Smart and Lionsgate thriller “Fear of Rain,” starring Katherine Heigl.

She directed “After Ever Happy” and “After We Fell,” part of the “After” franchise series, based on the YA bestsellers.

Voltage is selling the films at Cannes.

“After We Fell” will be released worldwide Sept.


“I feel like I lucked into finding something I was even more passionate about,” she says.What drew you to these films?Initially what drew me to the piece — and I think kind of what draws

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