After the Snyder Cut, all bets are off for a new Ben Affleck Batman movie

Fans are calling for a new solo outing for Batfleck, but how will that mesh with the Robert Pattinson trilogy now in production? And what about Cyborg?Zack Snyder certainly pulled off a shock with his completely transformed, outlandishly extended cut of Justice League, a genuine lockdown treat that managed to prove DC ensemble movies can be easily as beguiling as those made by Marvel – provided film-makers are given the time and space.

The problem is, Warner Bros-owned DC has already moved on from the “Snyderverse”, and Snyder’s plans for further crossover movies are dead in the water.On the other hand, DC’s introduction of the multiverse concept in the upcoming Flash movie means all bets are off.

Sure, Robert Pattinson is now the “official” Batman in a proposed Matt Reeves-directed trilogy of films.

But both Batfleck and the Michael Keaton version of the dark knight have

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