Aimee Lou Wood on Working With Bill Nighy in Sundance Drama ‘Living’ and What’s Next for ‘Sex Education’

When Aimee Lou Wood would tell people that she was starring in “Living,” a re-imagining of Akira Kurosawa’s classic story of a terminally ill bureaucrat’s quest for meaning, the response she received terrified her.“Everyone I spoke would tell me it was their favorite film of all time or the most beautiful film of all time,” she says.

“It was a lot of pressure.”But after watching the original, she became convinced that “Living,” which moves the setting from Japan to 1950s Great Britain, had used the elements of Kurosawa’s story that made it so powerful, but provided a fresh perspective that’s uniquely its own.

It also helped that the film gave Wood, best known for her work as the popular and big-hearted teenager Aimee Gibbs on Netflix’s “Sex Education,” a chance to work alongside one of her acting icons, Bill Nighy.

The two play Mr.

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