Aimee Mann on the ‘Stubbornness’ That Led to ‘Bachelor No. 2,’ an Indie Landmark Being Reissued for Record Store Day

Aimee Mann knows a sinking ship when she sees one.

And she saw the holes in the ballast back at the turn of the century when she asked for her release from her record company so that she could release “Bachelor No.

2 or, The Last Remains of the Dodo” herself.

It’s not so much that the majors were going down so much as the marriages between these companies and a classic breed of singer/songwriters going down for the count.

In asking for, and receiving, her exit, she was getting a few years’ head start on nearly every other significant artist of a similarly artisan ilk also looking to go independent, either out of choice or necessity.It could hardly have worked out better: “Bachelor No.

2” not only became a landmark record on its own — with a little cross-promotional help from “Magnolia,” which employed several of its songs,

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