Alamo Drafthouse Responds to New Allegations of Racism, Sexism Ignored by Company

Alamo Drafthouse, the Texas-based theater chain that has been long besieged by claims of impropriety, is now the subject of a new, wide-ranging expose at the Kansas City weekly The Pitch.

The story alleges a litany of abuses perpetrated by both the management at the chain’s Kansas City locations and corporate brass across the business.

These include sexual harassment and abuse, racist attitudes toward customers, unsafe (and often illegal) work environments, and even stories about ticket sales being shorted to add to Drafthouse’s own coffers.Alamo has 41 locations in 10 states.

Theater amenities include in-theater eating and drinking, specialized programming to supplement studio wide releases, and its signature audience-control rules (i.e.

no talking during films).

The Kansas City location is one of Alamo’s company-owned core cinemas, rather than a franchisee.In September of 2017, IndieWire reported on allegations of sexual assault and harrassment from five women against former

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