Alan Parker Was a Director Who Could Be Slick, Seductive…and an Artist

In the late 1970s, when Hollywood was in the middle of its most seismic transformation since the collapse of the studio system, there was a much-talked-about trend that seemed to fit all too snugly into the new world order.

That was the arrival of hotshot British movie directors who had honed their craft in the rarefied world of English TV commercials.At first there were two such transplants: Alan Parker and Ridley Scott.

They were then joined by Scott’s younger brother, Tony Scott (who directed his first major feature in 1983).

All three became players in the industry, and each developed his own style and brand and personality.

Ridley Scott was the artiste of the group, crafting visionary sci-fi like “Alien” and “Blade Runner.” Tony Scott, of “Top Gun” fame, was the sleek escapist popcorn wizard.Alan Parker, who died this week at 76, was harder to pigeonhole.

He shared a

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