Alex Kurtzman Says Star Trek Crossovers Will Only Happen If The Story Dictates It

From the start of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1987 until the end of Stuart Baird’s 2002 film “Star Trek: Nemesis,” the franchise skipped merrily along a single, linear timeline.

If a decade passed in the real world, a decade also passed in “Star Trek.” The NextGen era was so well-constructed, and so beloved by Trekkies, that showrunners felt no need to deviate.

It wouldn’t be until the late 2001 launch of “Star Trek: Enterprise” that the formula would be shaken up, with a show that took place a century prior to the events of the original 1966 series. That series ended after only four seasons, however, and it would take “Star Trek” a few action films and 13 years before it got back to TV.

Since the launch of CBS All Access, a.k.a.

Paramount+ in 2017, the franchise has sprawled in every direction chronologically.

Star Trek: Discovery” was set just a

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