‘Alex Strangelove’ Review: Craig Johnson Delivers a Raunchy ‘Love, Simon’ For the Indie Set

When “Love, Simon” hit theaters earlier this year, it was celebrated as a moving but flawed studio movie about a gay teenager.

For the first time ever, Lgbtq teens across the country could go to a movie theater, stuff popcorn in their faces, and witness a version of their lives on screen.

Of course, we all know that teenagers are more likely to use Netflix than buy a movie ticket these days.

That’s why “Alex Strangelove,” a delightfully strange little film about a teenage boy figuring out he’s gay, is so darn refreshing.As the debate about whether Netflix is ruining movies lingers on, “Alex Strangelove” provides a pleasant reminder of the streaming behemoth’s powers for good.

In some ways, the pros and cons of Netflix versus theatrical are illustrated by the differences between “Love, Simon” and “Alex Strangelove.” Whereas “Love, Simon” has dreamy Nick Robinson in

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