Alex Wolff, Scrappy Star of ‘Old’ and ‘Pig,’ Thinks Everybody Needs a Bit More Self-Loathing in Their Lives

Alex Wolff, the self-described “scrappy New York actor” who made a searing impression in 2018’s “Hereditary” and now stars in “Pig” opposite Nicolas Cage and in M.

Night Shyamalan’s “Old,” thinks everybody needs a little more self-loathing in their lives.“My face is not symmetrical.

Why would I love myself if my face is unsymmetrical? The only people who truly love themselves have symmetrical faces.

I’ve got this mole,” he said on Zoom, pointing to the brown spot just above his lip that’s become his insignia.

“It’s just not symmetrical.

That’s fine.

I’m totally fine.

And if my hair was just a little easier to tame, if my personality was a little better, maybe I could have some self-love, but self-love is overrated.” He’s speaking from a hotel room in downtown Los Angeles, where it’s “kind of intense, a little jarring,” and far from his NYC home.

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