Alfonso Cuarón on ‘Disappointing’ Oscar Inclusion Rules and Supporting a Rising Indian Filmmaker

As a Mexican filmmaker who makes movies with Hollywood money, Alfonso Cuarón is no stranger to conversations about diversity.

However, the “Roma” director has mixed feelings about the Academy’s recent inclusion standards for Best Picture, two years after his own movie was nominated in the category.“Everybody is trying to figure out ways of making more diverse cinema,” Cuarón said by phone last week.

“The interesting thing is that it’s not coming naturally.

Everybody has to respond to outside pressures.

That’s a little bit disappointing — that it needs to go through rules and regulations for things to happen when it should just be a natural process of societal evolution that apparently is not happening.”Cuarón has a more specific way to support filmmaking from backgrounds other than his own.

This festival season, he’s serving as executive producer on “The Disciple,” the sophomore effort from 33-year-old Indian director Chaitanya Tamnahne.

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