Alfonso Cuarón on His New Oscars, Netflix, and If Trump Should Watch ‘Roma’

Alfonso Cuarón looks tired.He was out partying until three in the morning, and the high from winning three Oscars for “Roma” has worn off.

He’d like a glass of water, please, and maybe some orange juice.

Cuarón has only recently roused himself from bed to don a slightly rumpled tuxedo for a photo shoot at his suite at the Chateau Marmont.

The purpose is to commemorate his film’s unlikely journey to the stage of the Academy Awards.Cuarón is no stranger to Oscar gold, having won editing and directing statuettes for his 2013 space epic “Gravity.” But this victory is more personal.

“Roma” drew on his experiences growing up in Mexico City.

The black-and-white tale helped him make sense of his parents’ divorce and served as a tribute to his nanny, Liboria “Libo” Rodríguez, who helped keep his fractured home life together.“I wanted to explore some family wounds,

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