Alison Brie Talks ‘Happiest Season,’ ‘Promising Young Woman’ & Making Art That Matters [The Fourth Wall]

As we entered 2020, there was arguably no actor poised to have as monumental of a year as Alison Brie.

With an already diverse body of work ranging from period dramas to comedies, animation, video games, indie darlings, and more, this year especially feels like a snapshot of everything she’s strived for her entire career thus far.

She has four acting credits across such films as “Horse Girl,” “The Rental,” “Happiest Season,” and “Promising Young Woman” while also spending time behind the camera directing an episode of the Disney+ docuseries “Marvel 616” and producing and co-writing the script for “Horse Girl.” Since her dueling breakout performances in “Mad Men” and “Community,” we’ve always known Brie was someone who refused to be put into a box, and it’s that exact drive that’s made her such an excitingly unpredictable talent on screen and a force of versatility.Continue reading Alison Brie Talks ‘Happiest Season,

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