All 7 Predator Movies Ranked, from ‘Prey’ to the ‘Alien’ Crossovers

Arnold Schwarzenegger kicks off his legendary performance as Dutch, the alien-fighting star of the first and best “Predator” movie, with a warning: “We’re a rescue team, not assassins.” It’s a fitting starting block for the 1987 action classic-turned-seven-film sci-fi series, though you might not know it at first.Sent into the perilous jungles of Val Verde, a fictional location first seen in the Schwarzenegger-starring “Commando” (and again in the Bruce Willis-anchored “Die Hard 2”), Dutch assumes he’s on an earthbound mission.

So, naturally, he begins operating by earthbound rules.

But when strangely skinned corpses and mysterious shimmers in the trees reveal a hulking alien hunting humans for sport, the reluctant fighter is forced to embrace guerrilla warfare — and a brutal personal philosophy — to survive.Equipped with intergalactic firepower, a sci-fi cloaking device, voice-changing technology, and a ruthless attitude, the Predator poses a fantastic threat to Schwarzenegger’s formidable protagonist,

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