‘Allen v. Farrow’ Directors Hint at Yale-New Haven Cover-Up With Past Documentation

“This is a story that we thought we knew, but we really didn’t,” said Amy Ziering, the co-director of HBO’s ongoing documentary series, “Allen v.

Farrow.” The story in question is that of the allegations of sexual assault and child abuse by director Woody Allen against his then seven-year-old daughter, Dylan.

In just two weeks on air, the documentary has created a powder keg of talk, both on and off social media, as well as from Allen himself who has called the series “a shoddy hit piece” with “no interest in the truth.”Allen has defended himself against these allegations for decades, reminding fans regularly that the lack of a criminal investigation and a report from Yale-New Haven Hospital exonerates him.

In episode three of “Allen v.

Farrow,” which aired tonight, that report is examined by directors Ziering and Kirby Dick, who showcase its numerous flaws in methodology

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