Amanda Knox on Why She Went After ‘Stillwater,’ and Filmmakers’ Responsibility to Truth — Even in Fiction

As co-host of the “Labyrinths” podcast, Amanda Knox special­izes in spotlighting real-life figures who, as she puts it, “lack agency” as they’re drawn against their will into becoming central figures in attention-getting stories.

It’s something she knows a lot about, of course: Knox may need little introduction to anyone who followed international news, but she feels she has had too little power in shaping her own narrative, even since she was finally acquitted in Italy in the 2007 murder of a fel­low exchange student, after years of jail time and repeated trials.She says the trauma of living under perpetual suspicion has been revived by the release of “Stillwater,” which filmmaker Tom McCarthy has acknowledged uses Knox’s globally recognizable story as an inspirational springboard.

An eloquent Twitter thread of Knox’s went viral as the film was being released last weekend, followed by her much-circulated Medium essay.

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