‘American Vandal’ Fan Marcia Clark Is as Sad as Everyone Else That the Show Got Canceled

Next month sees the premiere of “The Fix,” a new ABC scripted series from, among others, executive producer Marcia Clark.

Beginning from the framework of Clark’s own experiences at the heart of the O.J.

Simpson murder trial in the mid-’90s, the show follows a prosecutor dealing with the ramifications of a famous defendant going free after a high-profile case.But there’s another show about a fictional crime, “American Vandal,” that received Clark’s vocal fandom.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour Tuesday, Clark talked about the show’s recent cancellation.“I was really sad!” Clark said.

“But you know what? Those guys are really phenomenal creative talent.

They’ll be back.

I have great hope — I have certainty — that they will be back.”At last January’s TCA session promoting “Marcia Clark Investigates: The First 48” (a spinoff of the long-running A&E franchise), Clark gave “Vandal” an unsolicited endorsement.

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