‘Amigo’ Review: Held Hostage at Home for the Holidays

The Unhappy Holiday Movie has become almost a genre unto itself, this year’s new additions running a now-familiar gamut from the sour seasonal rebound rom-com to wreathed-in-gore Yuletide horrors (including this weekend’s “Violent Night” and “Christmas Bloody Christmas”).

No matter how dyspeptic in spirit, all tend to hang onto a certain cuteness, reassuring viewers they don’t really mean to rain on anyone’s annual good cheer.Having none of that is “Amigo,” a first directorial feature for Óscar Martin, who co-wrote the screenplay with stars Javier Botet and David Pareja, a pair of frequent comedic collaborators expertly transplanting their chemistry to macabre dramatic terrain here.

This wintry Spanish psychological thriller, culminating in a New Year’s Eve likely to be some characters’ last, premiered at Fantastic Fest over three years ago.

It’s taken its time getting a North American release, but will prove worth the wait for fans of restrained,

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