Amy Pascal on Producing a ‘Radical’ Version of ‘Little Women’

With “Little Women,” producer Amy Pascal has scored her second Oscar nomination (after “The Post”).

Writer-director Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Louisa May Alcott is only the third best picture nominee ever to be produced, written and directed solely by women, following “The Piano” and “Winter’s Bone.” Pascal has another distinction: Of the nine nominated films of 2019, she is the only solo producer.When you moved from studio executive to producer in 2015, were there surprises?Yes, it’s much harder because you are so involved in the one project.

You’re only worried about one movie and whether it’s good or not.When did you first think “Little Women” would be a home run?You may not believe this, but it was at the first meeting with Greta when she told me what she wanted to do.

It sounded so ambitious, inspiring and such a different adaptation of a novel.

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