Amy Schumer and Hollywood’s ‘inner-beauty’ problem

The comic’s new film I Feel Pretty follows the likes of Shallow Hal and Never Been Kissed in its ugly definitions of physical attractionShe might feel pretty, but we can only feel pity for Amy Schumer right now.

On one level, that’s the appropriate response.

In her new movie, Schumer’s character, Renee, strips down to her Spanx, sighs at her un-toned figure in the mirror and wonders how she’s ever going to attract a mate in today’s image-obsessed world.

But one blow to the head later, Renee suddenly sees herself as utterly gorgeous.

And with this newfound confidence, her life starts to fall into place, even if we, the audience, are still laughing at, rather than with, her.The premise has left a lot of people scratching their heads.

One Twitterer summed it up: “As someone who looks considerably less attractive than @amyschumer in a bikini,

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