Amy Seimetz Accidentally Made the First Covid-Era Thriller

It’s been eight years since Amy Seimetz directed her first feature, “Sun Don’t Shine,” and her second film, “She Dies Tomorrow,” carries her imprint.

Both films pull you into an off kilter, menacing dreamscape where unreliable characters are capable of doing just about anything.

Appropriately enough, her film was my last press screening before lockdown.Recovering alcoholic Amy (Seimetz alter ego Kate Lyn Sheil) rattles around her empty new Los Angeles house, hugging the floor, dropping the needle over and over on a Mozart requiem, and slugging back wine.

When she gets a friend (Jane Adams) to come over, she tells her, “I’m going to die tomorrow.” Her friend starts to feel the same foreboding, and passes the contagion to her brother (Chris Messina) and his wife (Katie Aselton) at a birthday party.

It shares the same absurdist and morbid humor as Luis Bunuel.At the Soho House

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